Tailoring coaching style to suit client needs…A Q&A

A one-size-fits-all approach rarely produces the best coaching results. Every leader has their own goals, challenges, preferences, and unique mindset.

Here are some questions that I’m often asked…

How do you tailor your leadership coaching style and programme to meet the diverse needs of your clients?

Answer: In all sorts of ways. Deciding on the right methods of coaching starts at the beginning – with in-depth assessments and consultations designed to gather information about the client’s unique way of working. 


By understanding your aspirations, and the hurdles you face, I can create a completely customised coaching plan. It’s all about setting a good foundation of personalised findings to ensure your coaching experience is just right for how you like to learn – and how you best succeed.

Do you adjust your leadership coaching style based on the client's personality or leadership style?

Answer: Absolutely. Let’s say a client prefers a directive style, I would take a more structured and decisive approach to focus on clear goal-setting, firm decision-making, detailed action plans, and the setting of specific milestones.

On the other hand, if a client prefers a collaborative style, my methods of coaching would take a more open communication approach – with a focus on building strong relationships and promoting active listening skills.

I will ensure my coaching resonates deeply with your natural tendencies – that way you’ll be equipped with the tools – and confidence. 

What are some common challenges you encounter? And how do you overcome these using different types of coaching styles?

Answer: The biggest challenges in finding the right coaching styles in leadership include people’s diverse communication preferences and clients resisting change. 


That’s why I must adopt my own flexible leadership coaching style. For example, if a client is a big visual learner, I like to incorporate more visual aids and diagrams during our sessions. Or they’re resistant to change, I’ll take a more gradual, step-by-step approach to help ease you into the new strategies.

How do you handle situations where a client's needs evolve throughout the coaching programme? And are there opportunities to adjust the method of coaching?

Answer: Leadership is a dynamic and open-ended journey – that’s why I set up regular check-ins and feedback sessions to assess your progress, address new challenges, and adjust the coaching methods, if I feel it’s necessary. Think of our sessions as a continuous loop of feedback – so everything we do together stays relevant and effective.

Do leadership coaching programmes differ for leaders in different industries?

Answer: Yes, sometimes. The tech industry typically faces rapid innovation and change, whereas leaders in traditional manufacturing have to deal with massive operational challenges. 


Whatever type of work you’re in, I can tailor my styles of coaching to incorporate industry-specific insights and relevant, actionable advice to your unique sector.


What are your styles of coaching to make the learning process more engaging?

Answer: I’m all about keeping clients fully present throughout the programme. 


I can use fun and helpful interactive activities, apply real-world scenarios to what you learn, and set up some role-playing exercises to help you put things into practice.


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