Why invest in executive coaching? Here’s what you need to know

Studies show that executive coaching can have a whopping 788% return on investment (including boosting factors like productivity, employee retention, and business performance). I can vouch for this too…I see these kinds of benefits play out every day for clients.


Whether you’re already a seasoned CEO looking to develop your team or an aspiring leader wanting to elevate yourself, today I’ll clarify a few things about the nature of executive coaching – just to help you clarify if it’s the avenue to go down for your professional growth. 


Let’s cover these basics.

Why executive coaching? What is it?

I’ve found that employee retention helps:

In short, executive coaching is a type of personalised professional development designed to unlock your potential, brush up on your leadership qualities, and help you achieve your professional goals. 


Unlike the kind of traditional training programmes that fail to strike a chord with your individual needs and aspirations, my executive coaching services are completely collaborative. I work closely with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses – with an overarching mission to empower and promote unprecedented personal growth.


Sound good? Excellent!

How does executive coaching work?

Executive coaching works differently for everyone. The roadmap to your future is entirely tailored to your unique milestones and current career circumstances. 


However, I typically use a three-stage process for all of my clientele:


  • Initial assessment to identify challenges and goals. (Where it all begins with the discovery of how I can help you) 
  • Ongoing coaching sessions including calls, meet-ups, check-ins, and structured ongoing feedback/advice.(This is where you’ll start to put things into action, with my support.)
  • End-of-journey progress report and recaps based on measurable results. (When you’re fully set free to embark on the first chapter of the new you. )


Remember, all of the partnership work we do is built on confidentiality and trust…we’re in it together. 


Learn more about how my coaching style works. 

What are the benefits of executive coaching?

There are plenty! Some of the biggest benefits of leadership include:


  • Leadership empowerment: Hone in on vital skills like open communication, astute decision-making, and emotional intelligence.  
  • Increased self-awareness: Start to gain deeper insights into your own powers and blindspots. The more you continue to work on yourself, the greater the leader you’ll become. 
  • Unprecedented confidence: Eradicate imposter syndrome for good as a head-strong leader with a powerful executive presence. 
  • A well-nurtured team: Learn how to build a genuinely satisfied workforce with high morale and a shared vision. 
  • Accelerated career growth: Position yourself with poise, adaptability, and resilience – ready to seize new opportunities for career advancement.
Is executive coaching worth it for YOU?

Lastly, let’s look at who could benefit from investing in executive coaching. Who’s the ideal client candidate? It’s pretty simple. My motto: executive coaching is right for you if you’re…


  • already C-suite executive level ready to finesse your leadership powers
  • an emerging leader who wants to make a big mark on a new higher role
  • part of middle management seeking new people-management strategies. 


If any of these are you, let’s chat – I’d love to hear your story and start building your next chapter.