My journey with Ana: more coaching success

With the help of my tailored leadership coaching, three more hard-working professionals are now wielding newfound powers in their careers…their unlimited potential has officially been unlocked.
I present Ana to you, and their triumphant stories of integrity, resilience, and some well-deserved self-appreciation.

Philippe gave me one of the most powerful and enlightening experiences of my life so far. He has a fantastic way of asking the right questions at the right time.




Ana: dreams certainly do come true

Procurement Director, Ana, came to me with big career aspirations already in the pipeline. For a while, she dreamed of a career shift to Human Resources, but like a lot of clients, Ana was held back by her hindering self-beliefs. It was my mission to hold up a mirror to the smart and ambitious professional that I saw in front of me.
We worked together to come up with bullet-proof solutions to the problems obstructing her path, and soon she was heading towards a goal of stronger, more solid decision-making. Quite simply, the things standing in her way were crippling hesitation and low confidence. All it took was a gentle push in the right direction from me, as ultimately Ana already knew what she wanted and how to get there.
Ana has now officially enrolled for a CIPD Diploma in Human Resources. Consider that a true victory.

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