My journey with Natalia: helping find her footing on solid ground again

It’s a special feeling knowing I’ve made a difference – not just to a client’s career, but their life as a whole. And according to Natalia, a previous client of mine, that’s exactly the kind of role I played for her – a catalyst for genuine, positive change.

At the beginning, the change was uncomfortable — but with Philippe it was inevitable.




An unhappy work-life wheel

When mine and Natatlia’s coaching journey began, some very real but totally fixable problems were holding her back. Despite having such a worthy career behind and in front of her, Natalia felt she’d lost her authenticity. Her work-life balance was lopsided and a once-enjoyed role as her company’s Regional Head no longer felt fulfilling.
In her words, Natalia felt like a mouse on a wheel. So it was my job to help halt the continuous spinning of this seemingly-endless work-life slog.
“Before Phillipe, I was doing the same thing over again – hoping to get a better outcome.”

Stepping outside her comfort zone

Just a few months into our hard work together, I noticed that Natalia became much more self-aware. She admitted that she once found it far too easy to blame the world and everyone else for her own failures and falls – but now, those days are long gone. Coaching has given Natalia a different perspective and helped her take personal accountability.
Many keys open up the door to a brighter career, and one of them is challenging yourself in the murky waters of the unfamiliar. I encouraged Natalia to be brave enough to envision an exciting future of new horizons. And bingo! Her bold risks started to pay off.
“Philippe dared me to dream big – and gave me the courage to step forward towards it.”

“Philippe dared me to dream big – and gave me the courage to step forward towards it.”

Natalia is now soaring as a professional. She has shifted from the damaging ‘manager mindset’ into a world where she’s the person she always wanted to be…AKA someone who values solid working relationships built on understanding, open communication, and the ever-reliable art of collaboration.
I hear a round of applause is in order too. Natalia’s team has awarded her the company’s ‘Most Inspiring Operations Manager’. Now that’s what you call winning!
And how’d she get there? By tackling those self-limiting beliefs with full force and putting that energy into amplifying her strengths.
 I’ve worked with enough hard-working professionals, like Natalia, to know we all possess many more talents and skills than we often give ourselves credit for.
I want to congratulate Natalia on no longer underestimating herself.
And our journey together continues now that she has enrolled as one of my students.
“Philippe is a good listener and always attentive to my needs, even the unspoken ones. He makes sure I remain accountable for all my actions – and genuinely celebrates my every success.”

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