My journey with Deepak: built on trust, honesty and positivity

I’ve recently worked with Deepak: an inspiring company director and fellow business head who has had some kind words to say about the coaching journey we’ve shared together.
I’m flattered by Deepak’s heartfelt feedback about my coaching powers, but his newfound motivation isn’t just down to me. The strength was always lurking inside of him. I simply pulled it out.

I’ve never felt this kind of energy and eagerness in my career - and it is all due to Philippe.




I built a safe space to open up

When myself and Deepak first met, I could tell there was a lot on his mind. My first mission was to make him feel totally comfortable – enough to open up, speak his mind, and share the personal challenges he was facing at the time.
Everything I do with my clients revolves around creating a non-judgmental space – for us both. I believe there is comfort in vulnerability. Baring your soul gets you places.
Deepak has since told me my unique approach to mentoring is “mesmerising”. I don’t often like to blow my own trumpet, but I’ll certainly take that compliment.
“My experience with Philippe has been enlightening. His coaching style is exceptional.”

Beyond a coach, a true friend

Empathy and patience anchored my mentoring with Deepak. I’m always 100% invested in my client’s wellbeing because I know how much strength it takes to dig deep and face the professional struggles head-on. Trust me, your inner worries are never as bad in reality as they are in your head.
Deepak told me he was grateful for probing into hidden facts so he had the tools to clean up the mess of his past. It means the world to know Deepak saw me as not only his mentor, but a friend – someone honest and understanding who was there with a helping hand to pull him out of his negative mind.
"I felt I was able to breathe a lot easier after talking to Philippe."

My vast experience = your constructive feedback

Soon our work together evolved from sharing stories and coming up with new plans, into real tangible results. Deepak’s own career is now flying.
It’s my extensive experience that bolstered our constructive discussion. Deepak told me he was blown away by not just my know-how in mastering corporate life and my insights on political issues – but also my empathy for how everyone faces career hurdles at some point.
But just like it was for Deepak’s circumstances, so often our personal and professional lives intertwine.
My mission is to untangle any messy knots… to get to the root of a temporary issue and fix it with a permanent solution.
“Philippe’s aura is beyond words to explain. He is super calm, super positive, and a lifesaver in all aspects.”
I want to thank Deepak for delving into our work together wholeheartedly.
Here’s to his undeniably brighter future!

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