My journey with Samar: more coaching success

With the help of my tailored leadership coaching, three more hard-working professionals are now wielding newfound powers in their careers…their unlimited potential has officially been unlocked.
I present Samar to you, and their triumphant stories of integrity, resilience, and some well-deserved self-appreciation.

As Philippe always says…‘What’s the worst that can happen?




Samar: unshackled from far too high expectations

Unjustified self-criticism was the biggest problem I noticed when coaching Operations Manager, Samar. She was unfairly harsh on herself in too many aspects of her life and career. So we both agreed that her baseless internal scrutiny required swift correction. There’s no room for damaging perfectionism in my world.
Samar has since told me that the biggest changes started happening when I taught her the importance of holding herself accountable to the same kind of standards that she does her team: standards of kindness, honesty and forgiveness.
Since then, Samar has had a greater enjoyment of life both at work and home. She has let go of the need to – in her own words – “have it all together and worry about what others think.”
She’s officially unstuck from unrealistic and overly high self-expectations.
I knew you could do it, Samar. You jumped and landed masterfully.

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